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About RoadWarriors

Who We Are

RoadWarriors are the men and women of the road who keep America moving. RoadWarriors ALWAYS stick together and represent the best of the trucking industry. This website and the RoadWarriors Facebook group have been created to bring experienced drivers together in a positive, helpful atmosphere.

What We Are

It doesn't matter if you have 1 year of experience or 20 years, you WILL find helpful resources here at RoadWarriors. The best truck drivers in the industry are the ones who understand that learning every single day is a part of the job. Whether you're looking to have better relationships with friends/family, live a healthier lifestyle on the road, manage your money more efficiently, or find the best trucking companies and products for drivers - you'll find it all RIGHT here on our RoadWarriors page.


RoadWarriors is NOT the place for truck drivers looking to complain. This is not about bashing trucking companies or other drivers. Unfortunately, the industry has been plagued with this type of negativity and the media hasn't always projected truck drivers in the best light. This is a disservice to the industry that is the backbone of America.

At RoadWarriors, we will not stand for it. We will provide a safe place for truck drivers who want to be successful and connect with others that believe the transportation industry is one of the best in the country...because IT IS.