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How to get a CDL License

If you follow these EASY steps to earning your CDL License, you will be on the fast track to a successful trucking career!


Head over to your states BMV website - each state is different, it is important to get all the information you can on your states' requirements and any other important information available. Some requirements per state may include; minimum age, background checks, etc.


Grab your CDL permit - This is not a requirement, but we do recommend you do this before getting to one of our CDL Training Schools.


Research CDL Training Schools & Trucking companies - It is important that you pick the right trucking school and company for YOU! To check out our school locations, visit our webpage at the link below.


Fill out that application - Send in that application to speak with one of our recruiters about your next steps to earning your CDL license.


Get ready to head to CDL Training School - After speaking to one of our recruiters, you will get set up at the closest school location to you. New classes start each Monday, allowing you to start ASAP!


Get to your first day of classes - Be prepared to learn a lot and take lots of notes!


Travel through the up to 4 weeks of classes - During these weeks you will learn in the classroom, on the range, and on the road.


Schedule your CDL license exam - Once you finish your training, it's time to schedule that CDL license exam!


Pass that CDL exam and head out OTR with your mentor!


Finish your time with your mentor and head out on your own.


Congrats! You are officially a truck driver! Now go get those miles in and kick some butt.


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