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We're better together. This is true about most things in life, especially truck driving. The brotherhood and sisterhood in the trucking industry is unlike anything out there. From notifying fellow truckers about weather and traffic conditions through the CB radio, to helping another driver stranded on the side of the road - truckers just have it in their blood to look out for one another.

Over the years, we've built up an incredible library of tips/advice from experienced drivers who have lived and breathed the trucking industry for decades. We'll be adding tons of helpful information in the categories of Money, Lifestyle and Health. Some of the topics we will cover are listed below...

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  • How to: Create a Truck Driver Budget
  • How to: Save Money Driving a Truck
  • Budget Friendly Truck Stop Meals


  • Gifts for Truck Drivers
  • Tips for Truck Driver Relationships
  • How to Handle Being Gone from Home


  • Truck Driver Exercise Tips
  • Bodyweight Workout for Truck Drivers
  • 5 Fast Food Alternatives for Truck Drivers