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5 Truck Organization Tips

Jan 27, 2022

Five Truck Organization Tips

Getting organized feels great… especially when you’re working (and living) in a semi-truck that can get cluttered quickly! Whether you’re an experienced driver looking to better utilize your space, or a new driver learning how to stock your truck for the first time, organization is vital to maximizing the space available for everyday items.

We have asked two of our truck driving organization experts, Mrs. G and CJ, for a few pointers for the road. If you think keeping a truck organized for one person is difficult, try doing it for two! These two trucker wives have been sharing the truck with their spouse for years (and they’re still happily married), so we think that makes them more than qualified to offer up some tips. Let’s see how they do it…

Tip #1: Make Good Use of Your Under-the-Bed Space

The space under our beds can get a little crowded. Use containers can help you tidy up that space and make it easier to quickly find everyday items.

  • Invest in plastic storage bins to separate the contents under your bed. Organize them in categories such as shower caddy essentials, canned goods, bulky pantry items, water bottles, workout equipment, tools, etc. and make sure each bin is clearly labeled. ins. Label the containers to keep track of where each item belongs.

Amazon Plastic Storage Bin Tote

BONUS: Add push lights to the bottom of the bed frame to light up the space underneath to help find storage bin contents when it’s dark in your truck.

Tap Light Push Lights

Tip #2: Utilize Plastic Drawers

Solve everyday closet struggles, like digging to find that one shirt or a missing sock, by using clear plastic drawers to organize your clothing articles.

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Reminder: Select the Correct Size

  • Instead of folding and stacking your clothes on top of each other, separate them into as many plastic drawers as you can fit in the space for easy access.
  • Take measurements to know what size drawers will fit in your space.

Tip #3: Velcro Is Your Best Friend

Living in small quarters makes it necessary to utilize every space possible. Create additional storage by mounting things to walls to save on floor space. You can do this by using velcro adhesive strips to avoid damaging walls or siding in your truck. Check out the recommended velcro uses below.

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How to do it:

  • Place items on the backs of doors by hanging baskets, mirrors, and hooks.
  • Hang wall baskets in open areas for additional pantry room to keep smaller food items off the floor.
  • Move window and side shades out of the way by neatly velcroing them to a corner or behind a seat when they aren’t being used.
  • Keep trash from spilling on the floor by hanging it on a hook behind the driver’s seat.

Tip #4: Tricks to Tidy Up Your Truck

If your truck is your home, like many OTR drivers, you will want to take care of it. Here are a few simple tasks that you can do to tidy up your truck.

Tip #5: Utilize Your Over-The-Bed Space

Not using the top bunk? Here are a few ways to better utilize the space above where you sleep.

  • If you have a single bed, hang a secure deep basket shelf where the top bunk would be to store extra everyday items conveniently. Check out the one that Trucker G made for his truck! YouTube Video
  • If you are a solo driver with two beds, use labeled plastic storage bins to avoid throwing items on the top bunk, making it hard to get down later.

Join RoadWarriors for More Tips

We hope these tips will help improve your life on the road by helping you make the most of your space. Have your own organization tips that you want to share? Be sure to join our online trucking community on the RoadWarriors Facebook Group to join the conversation.

Posted: Jan 27, 2022

Edited: Feb 09, 2022

5 Truck Organization Tips

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