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5 Top Apps for Truckers

Jan 27, 2022

Top Apps for Truckers

Apps are great for productivity, entertainment, health, and so much more. But what are the best apps to really help truck drivers specifically? With thousands to pick from, it can get a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve taken the time to break it all down for you. That’s right, we’ve researched trucking forums, Facebook groups, company websites, and app store reviews to compile a list of the most highly recommended apps for truckers.

To make things even more digestible for you, we’ve broken it down into the following categories:

Top Overall Trucking App, Top Wellness App, Top Entertainment App, Top Independent Driver App, and Top Weather App. Take a look…

Top Overall Trucking App: Trucker Path 


Make everyday trip planning a breeze with this app. Don't waste any more time waiting for parking availability or at a weigh station. How much time do you often spend trying to map out the best route between GPSs? Let Trucker Path do it for you!

Trucker Path is a trip planning and mapping app providing trip information for over 40,000 truck stops across the U.S and Canada. The report includes parking availability, weigh station updates, fuel prices, and custom routes in real-time. Insert your truck type and weight for personalized navigation along the way

This app includes in-app purchases to unlock truck navigation services.

Runner Up: TruckMap

TruckerMap is another app designed specifically for truckers. This all-in-one app was optimized with an easy-to-use user interface and is loaded with helpful information for your next route.

With over 14,000 locations, TruckMap makes it easy to find truck-accessible superstores and convenience shops like Walmart, Pilot, Petro, Love's, Roady's, and more! Thanks to its turn-by-turn truck optimized GPS routes, weight station planning, low clearance alerts, and HAZMAT, this app makes the list. The app even includes shower maps and ratings with laundry and truck washes.

Set your customized filters for what you are looking for, such as overnight parking, an oil change, showers, etc., and let TruckMap get you there for free!

Top Wellness App: My Fitness Pal

Many truckers struggle with healthy eating, weight gain, and exercise while on the road, and having another source of accountability can help you get on track. MyFitness Pal gives you ultimate accountability by helping you set goals, track calories, exercise minutes, and food journals to meet your weight and health goals.

According to Atlas physical therapist Darin Flannery, who writes fitness and wellness blogs, My Fitness Pal is the top used diet tracking app by truckers. My Fitness Pal allows users to record meals and exercise points to set goals on their fitness journey.

This app also comes with access to a wellness blog that includes everyday exercises and meal prep planning ideas that you can take with you on the road for free.

Runner Up: Rolling Strong

The Rolling Strong app comes in as our second choice for wellness apps. This app is loaded with relevant health information and perks specifically for truckers.

Rolling Strong is a newer app with less than 100 ratings and comes with a monthly subscription of $4.99, but the subscription covers a health program allowing drivers free health screenings at partnered clinics, a health coach, healthy food options on your route, and more!

Earn immediate gratification after earning points for everyday activities like tracking sleep, meals, and exercise; you can even compete with your friends and turn your points into real rewards. The health screenings alone make the $4.99 monthly subscription a good deal, which is why this app comes highly recommended for truckers' wellness needs.

Top Entertainment App: Audible

Are you tired of listening to the same songs on the radio? Wish you had more time to read and learn about different topics? Audible is one of the most popular audiobooks and podcast listening apps. Whether you are looking for time to finish that book you started weeks ago or want to listen to the latest trending podcast, Audible has the largest selection of high-quality listening content in the app store.

For the ultimate listening experience, try Audible’s 30-day free trial and listen to Best-Selling titles and podcasts. Audiobooks and podcasts can be downloaded for offline listening while on the road. If you get hooked after your 30-day free trial, you can purchase a monthly subscription for $15.99 a month.

Runner Up: Spotify

Yes, we had to put Spotify, one of the largest music streaming platforms, on our list. For starters, Spotify's free plan will get you access to over 50 million songs, podcasts, and audiobooks with a short ad every once in a while. If ads aren't your thing, upgrade to Spotify's ad-free membership for $10 a month.

Spotify makes it easy to share and create playlists with friends if you're looking to spice up your listening. There are even trucker playlists and soundtracks for the road to keep you entertained. If you don't already have Spotify, now may be the time to check it out!

Top Independent Driver App: TruckStop Mobile

Are you looking for your next load? Cut out the hassle of searching on Indeed or other job boards for loads and independent contractor jobs. TruckStop Mobile has hundreds of thousands of loads posted daily just waiting to be picked up!

Truckstop Mobile is the fastest and most effective way to find loads for independent drivers. You can post your truck or choose from 500,000 loads posted daily, accept or decline loads, and exchange and share documents through the app.

The app also includes maps of fuel prices, broker reviews, and credit scores, making the job decision process a breeze!

Runner Up: TruckerMap

Yes, this app makes our list twice! Along with the benefits that TruckerMap provides to all truck drivers, it also has features specific to aiding owner-operators and independent drivers. TruckerMap lets you search the catalog of jobs nearby and also sends notifications of loads that need to be picked up in your area with pricing so you can easily accept or decline on the go.

If you still haven't downloaded this app yet, you are certainly missing out.

Top Weather App: My Radar

It can be important for drivers to keep up with weather and wind conditions for additional safety precautions. It never hurts to be prepared! My Radar gives you all of your weather updates in one place.

As the top-recommended weather app by the RoadWarriors Facebook group; the MyRadar app is a fast, powerful, easy-to-use weather app that provides a weather radar based on your current location and sends updates of weather changes to come. Easily track wind speeds and storms heading your way with this free app to keep you updated while on the road.

Runner Up: Weather Bug

This is one app you will want to have your location services on for. Weather Bug tracks your location to give you consistent weather updates based on your whereabouts. The 10-day hourly forecast gives you all the basic weather information plus wind speeds, lightning, and severe weather warnings. Turn on your notifications for weather change updates on the road.

Put These Apps to Use

Apps are great, but as we all know, it’s easy to have total app overload! This means that you have too many unused apps downloaded to your phone, and we don’t want that!

We encourage you to think about the flow of your day and how you can use these apps to make trip planning easier.

Here’s how to do it:

P - Plan your route - think weather, traffic, stops, etc.

A - Audio Selection - what will you listen to along the way?

T - Think about your health and wellness - can you pre-plan healthy meals and some exercise along the way?

Use P.A.T to remember these steps for trip planning success!

Posted: Jan 27, 2022

Edited: Feb 09, 2022

5 Top Apps for Truckers

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