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How To Choose The Right Trucking Company

Jul 19, 2022

Choosing a truck driving company can be challenging with the number of options available to you. We have asked our RoadWarriors Facebook group what some of their favorite companies to drive for are and why. In this guide, we have highlighted some of the top recommended companies from the RaodWarriors company review submission page and the RoadWarriors group with over 27,000 members.

The companies that were highly recommended were not favorites just because they paid the most or had the newest equipment, but were fan favorites because the drivers felt heard, respected, and were treated well.

Top RoadWarriors Recommended Companies


“Excellent company overall. They're big, but they know you're important, and they treat you that way. Awesome trucks and great pay. They need to work on maintaining their trailers, but that's something they're currently working hard on. Tons of miles (especially for otr like me) If you've got something to say, they'll listen to you. Detention pay is not a problem for them, you absolutely will get it. They even have an awesome rider policy. Got a little one? Bring them with you.”

Blue Ox Trucking/Zoso Logistics

“I currently work here, and is the best one I ha e worked yet. FedEx linehaul contractor, so I started driving nights but home every day. I was able to switch up to a Dedicated weekly run, East coast to west coast & return. The Boss and management team are excellent, never talk down to me and I feel like they always have my back. The trucks are well maintained. Communication is open and I am listened to and responded to appropriately. Pay is very good and paid weeky,, and also a quarterly safety bonus. Standard benefits package. After some of the other companies I have worked for, I feel very lucky to have a job with this one.”

Xcel Bulk Logistics LLX

“The best company I've ever had the opportunity to work for. They don't force or push you if you're not comfortable. They trained me thoroughly and made sure I was comfortable. The account I'm on works 4 days a week and my manager gives me the option to help on other accounts on Fridays to make sure I have the check I need. I actually make more money than they promised me. They have good equipment and make sure it's taken care of. I highly recommend Xcel Bulk and will be working here until retirement or maybe longer if they don't get tired of me.”

Roehl transportation inc

“Roehl rescued me from my last company got me set up 2 months ago got me their and I met my fleet manager and he's amazing. Roehl runs you hard but good pay good runs. I'm on dedicated account for kraft and love my runs I get home every weekend and I'm not stressed out and mad all the time anymore I love my company that I can call home for a very long time. Their equipment is in excellent condition. They keep up on maintenance with trailers big time and their trucks. I'm so glad I found this company.”

Click here to search for a company and see a full list of RoadWariors company reviews.

When we asked our RoadWarriors Facebook group of 27 thousand members what their favorite companies to work for were, the majority of them listed a small/local company. While it can be harder for drivers to feel like they are in a tight community at larger companies, the group highly recommended these national companies.

Top RoadWarriors Ranked National Companies

Estes Express Lines

“I've been with this family-owned company for 26 years. I have seen it grow to a nationwide company. They are very laid back and offer excellent pay and benefits. All paid holidays. Plenty of opportunities for advancement, or extra hours if you want. I've been linehaul, terminal to terminal since I've been here. They do have different types of drivers, city pickup and delivery drivers, paid hourly, hub drivers, paid hourly to work the dock(about 3 hours), and mileage for driving. Linehaul paid mileage plus drop and hooks, team drivers, combo drivers, they fill in vacations or do whatever is needed. If you are overnight you stay at a hotel. Dock workers have the ability to have paid training to get their CDL. You can actually have a family life and make a comfortable living. They do appreciate their workers.”

PAM Transport

“Pam has been a huge blessing to me! Pam has spoiled me so much! The office staff has worked with me through every up and down! I learned a lot more than I expected to know in my first year. I definitely feel like a vet in the industry even though I’m not lol. Pam is fantastic! Wouldn’t trade this opportunity for anything else!🥰🥰🥰”

Nussbaum, Swift, and Knight were also included in the RoadWarriors’ poll of favorite companies to work for. Before you pick a company to drive for, ask a current driver about their experience at that company. If you don’t know anyone who works there, ask about the company in online groups. While pay and compensation are essential to maintain a lifestyle, you may want a company that will treat you fairly and carries similar values to those you have. Online forums and groups can often turn into company-bashing spaces, so use your judgment before deciding and writing off a company for good.

Good luck on your search, and be sure to check out our company review page and leave a review to help other drivers find the perfect fit.

Posted: Jul 19, 2022

Edited: Jul 19, 2022

How To Choose The Right Trucking Company

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